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You hear small town living, you think small incomes, small businesses.  But maybe what appears to be small…
Is actually quite a big opportunity.
And the proof is in something we call “RURAL MATH”.

For every one car owned in the city, we own five on the plains.  Five times the cars, five times the gas, five times the insurance.  You do that rural math.

Yet the automotive industry only spends a fraction of their dollars trying to reach us.  

80% of us own our own home. Our homes are 30% bigger.

3 million of us own our own farm.

In fact 91% of the country’s land is in our control, but despite all of this…we are lost on most advertisers.  We have an average of five family pets…making us worth our weight in kibble.

We eat our fair-share of fast food….even though slowing down is what we think life is all about.

Next time you want to call us old-fashioned- count the number of farming apps available for download.  And the 11 inch iPhone, fits perfectly in the the 11.4 inch pocket on the front of most overalls. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

When your nearest neighbor is 432 acres away, you can’t scream for a cup of sugar.  Rural living is not what you think,

It’s not manual labor and dirty boots,  It’s science and technology.

Heart and Soul  Business and Passion  So yes, it’s a small town.
But it all adds up to something much greater than people expect.  And Rural Math will prove that.


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