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The Cowboy Channel

Out here on the ranch…  Up on the horse…
We use something we like to call “Cowboy Math.”
And the numbers just may surprise you a little. In a good way, not in the “what did I just step in on the way back from the barn” way.  Let’s start here.

The average rodeo fan makes more per year than the average football fan. Yup, surprised us too.  You call us “C” counties but unless “C” stands for Cowboys, there is nothing third place about us.

We buy five times more cars, which means, five times more gas, more tires, more insurance, more turtle wax,  more small trees that dangle from our mirror and smell like vanilla.

Our homes are 30% bigger, which means 30% more rooms to fill.

We are three times more likely to have bourbon in our glass and 100% more likely to be happy about it.

94% of us ate in a fast food restaurant and 75% of us ordered the burger. (Which we promise, none of us ate it in front of the cows.)  Speaking of cows, the average ranch is 432 acres.

So we may not have a big city address, but what we do have is a lot bigger. 788 million acres of ranches in this country bigger.  

We spend more on outdoor sports. More on indoor improvement. Yet more advertisers have shut the door on us completely.

Woman ranchers make 16% more than male ranchers. The whole country could take a lesson in that Cowboy math.  And don’t get us started on country music, that’s a 20 billion dollar industry born on our ranches and back porches.  

So when you sit back and actually do the Cowboy Math…
What may have seemed liked a small opportunity.  Is actually pretty big.
As big as a bull’s…well, you get the drift.


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